Social register and login

Module provides register and login funcion using social sites such as facebook or twitter. Those actions use velruse library for unification of different authentication providers. Now only facebook and twitter were tested, but this library offers many more.


Plugin creates login/register views for auth providers provided in config file. Below is example for facebook, you can check required configuration for other providers here:

            consumer_key : some_key
            consumer_secret : some_secret
            scope : email,offline_access # some providers requires additional information about user data our application wants from provider


In default views for register and login there are links in Social login section. If you want to show those buttons somewhere else you can do this by importing function for creating urls:

<%namespace name="social" file="pyramid_fullauth:resources/helpers/social.mako" import="social_auth_uri"/>

and puting one of those links in your templates:

<a href="${social.social_auth_uri('facebook',}">Connect with facebook</a>
<a href="${social.social_auth_uri('twitter')}">Connect with twitter</a>


Plugin emits three events only for social login: events